SyRes, consists of professionals, who can set the example for cleaner energy and substituting the straight use of oil and coal which will lead to a cleaner world.
Development of the areas with shortage in food production, electricity and clean water is our aim. Sustainability is the foundation for a better economy for these areas as a whole. We believe in change by doing.
Our hunger for idealism and result driven actions bring us together as a team called SyRes. We have a solid track record in entrepreneurship and as professionals.
Our mission is to share and expand for the good of mankind.


Our vision is to grow into a reputable and transparent alternative energy company setting the true example for a cleaner world by recruiting highly professional and credible people who have one thing in mind, MAKE IT HAPPEN. The vision goes along with consistency and long term growth


The strategy of SyRes is to become a leading Indonesian renewable energy company.
We guide the people in culture change that goes along with the implementation of renewable energy.
We look for the total outcome of the project and the impact on the total area instead of only prioritizing one component of the chain.
SyRes dedicates and commits 100% on renewable energy which have a positive impact on the welfare of the Indonesian people.
By Doing and Acting SyRes is changing the perception towards alternative energy and is able to give additional value in this part of world.


To create and develop a cleaner environment and a productive world together with SyRes.
Balance and harmony in business and life resulting in sustainability for all.
Our Philosophy,
    •   Rasa (Empathy)
    •   Cipta (Knowledge)
    •   Karsa (Willingness to make it happen)
    •   Karya (Creation)