Project Management

Project management is one of our spear activities to make the project successful.
The questions mostly asked by our client are usually:

  • Can a particular stream be utilized to generate power?
  • If so what would be the most appropriate design concept to adopt and what equipment will be needed?
  • How can the cost and the economics of such a scheme be determined?
  • If it appears to be a viable project, how should it be designed, procured and implemented?
  • After completion, what arrangements are likely to be needed to maintain it in reliable operation?
The above is being covered by us in the form of Analysis, Evaluation of certain parameters leading to the right choice of Electrical & Mechanical equipment and project management services which will give the client the fundamentals and knowledge for the development approach, design, implementation and construction including the maintenance.
Our project managers consist of civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers with an in- depth knowledge of hydrological and geological aspects of the different hydro locations specialized in mini and large hydro. We do project management of the erection and commisionning of mechanical & electrical equipment including the onshore services.

Erection & Commissioning

Within Syres group, we have eaponenced supervisors for the erection & commissioning of hydro power equipment.

Inland Project Management

We are taking responsibility of the onshore project management which comprises of the following: 
Coordination, controlling, monitor, and communication between the related parties.

Onshore Project Management (OPM) is a state of the art approach whereby all the related parties / activities such as port activities for clearance of the goods at the port in Indonesia, inland transportation, erection & commissioning of the equipment are coordinated and monitored by the OPM managers.

By having an intergrated OPM through out the entire logistic track the developer will secure the project implementation and its results.