Agro Waste

Several ideas for alternative source energy have been developed. To date, the technology has reached the advanced technology for utilization of waste for alternative source of energy. One of the ideas is using rice husk as feedstock for power generation. Like any other source of waste for possible further utilization of energy source, rice husk can be used as the feedstock for the generation of electricity.
The other idea coming along with the alternative energy source usage is the matter of empowerment of farmers and surrounding community to increase the welfare of the farmers.

PT. SyRes Indonesia is developing three rice husk power plants in Sulawesi and Java for the generation of electricity and will be in full operation by end of 2012.

The technonology being used for the three locations is through gasification of the husk for the generation of electricity

Biomass raw material (Rice Husk) will be processed to suitable fuel size for the gasification furnace

This process under oxygen thinness condition with high temperature generates combustible gasses
including Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen (H2) and Methane (CH4)
Step 3 : Gas Generated from this process is used to produce electricity and heat through the gas engine after
impurity refining treatment.

Updated November 2013:

We have installed and commissioned two Rice Husk power plants in Sulawesi and Java based on biomass gasification.