Hydro Power Development

Availability of water in Indonesia is abundant and can be used for the generation of electricity. Indonesia has a hydro development potential of approx. 75000 MW and only approx. up to mid 2012 5000 MW has been developed split in Mini Hydro and Large Hydro development.
PT. SyRes Indonesia, a renewable energy company concentrates among others on the generation of electricity through the development of hydro power plants.
Presently we do mini hydro development, with a power output between 5 MW and 10 MW.
We start from zero, called greenfield up to the development, erection/ commissioning and electrification of the power plant.
We collaborate with highly reputable Electrical & Mechanical equipment suppliers with outstanding and reputable track record in Indonesia.
Feasibility studies are done by reputable and valuable consultants


The Hydro team consists of hydro experts, consisting of mechanical, electrical & civil engineers with proven track record in hydro development.

Potential Locations

We have done the due diligence of highly potential hydro locations in Indonesia and now are in the final stage to be constructed by mid year 2016 by PT. Syres Power Energy.