Who is Who

PT Syres Indonesia

The Board of Directors of PT SYRES Indonesia have a wide range of expertise in the renewable energy. The President Director and founder of PT SYRES Indonesia – Ms Hoedani Hadijono has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration and in depth experience in Banking as a commercial and investment banker. She worked for the biggest hydro company in the world and for many years PT SYRES was the sole agent for a European supplier of Turbines and Generators – she is now developing her own hydro power plants in Indonesia as IPP and as an owner through PT SYRES Power Energy.

PT Syres Power Energy (Hydro Development)

The Board of Directors, consist of highly specialized engineers with mechanical, electrical and civil engineering background. The Board of Commissioners, the advisory and monitoring board of PT SYRES Power Energy consist of experienced captains of industries mainly in the energy sector.

Board of Commissioners

Ir. Andre Mirza Hartawan, MBA

Board of Directors

Hoedani Hadijono, MSc., MBA

Ir. San Akrie

Dipl.-ing. Priyatna Suryawijaya

Sjahrian Harahap, BSc, MBA